Astrology & Tarot

  Susan L. Scofield        


Weaving the ancient wisdom of Astrology & Tarot into the fabric of contemporary life...

All consultations are recorded for you.

Astrological Services

        ~Natal Consultation~

An interpretation of your personal story, as told in your birth chart. Awake to the natural rhythms of your life...

           ~Current Cycles~

Current planetary forces shape your natal energies. Learn to use your cycles of growth and change...



The interweaving of two or more individual charts births a third. Reveal the nature of important relationships...

Tarot Services

A Tarot reading looks at your current life situation through the symbolic language of image and color.


           ~Current trends~

    ~General circumstances~

         ~Specific questions~

            ~Tarot parties~

~Barnstormer Astrology & Tarot is available for~ 

                   *lectures *classes *workshops

           for appointments or questions, call Susan directly @ 360-446-0255